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Push-Broom Satellite D430

(1) High resolution 0.76m or less panchromatic resolution and 3.1m or less multi-spectral resolution enable it to unveil clear ground truth and applicable for land investigation, agricultural and forestry resources survey, environmental surveillance, geographical mapping, disaster relief, etc. (2)Optimized spectral wave bands Full-wavebands(450nm~800nm)plus four standard multispectral bands: blue (450nm~510nm), green (510nm~580nm),red (630nm~690nm), and near-infrared wave bands(770nm~895nm). (3)Extraordinary agility Rapid and accurate sub-satellite point imaging, conventional push-broom imaging, large angle side-sway imaging with a maximum angle of±45°and maximum motor angular velocity 2 °/s, orbit control capacity to maneuver and maintain the orbits. (4)Wide-frame photography 40 km or above swath width of sub-satellite imaging with superior observation. (5)Customized production High-end customized products of long life, small size, light weight (230kg), and short delivery cycle (12 ~ 16 months) are available.

The main technical indicators

Technical specifications
Imaging patterns Conventional push-broom imaging & large-angle side-sway imaging
Ground pixel resolution (sub satellite point is 535km above ground) Panchromatic: <0.76m

Multispectral: <3.1m

Spectral band Panchromatic: 450nm~800nmBlue: 450nm~510nm

Green: 510nm~580nm

Red: 630nm~690nm

Near-infrared: 770nm~895nm

Swath width

(sub satellite point is 646km above ground)

Attitude control mode Three-axis stabilization
Attitude maneuverability The maximum maneuvering angular velocity is 2°/s
Side-sway ability The maximum side-sway imaging angle is ±45°
Orbit maneuverability Orbit control ability of orbit maneuver and maintenance
External envelope dimension 1200mm×800mm×1900mm(inbarrery)

1200mm×3000mm×1900mm (in orbit)

Weight ≤230kg
Designed lifecycle  5 Years
Delivery cycle 12~16 Months

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