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Commercial RS satellites are commonly the earth observation satellites, most of which are placed into low-earth orbit for a higher spatial resolution but with smaller coverage. And micro satellites tend to be form the low-earth orbit satellite constellation for a higher temporal resolution.

Significance of Satellites in Modern Warfare

As the “commanding height” of the modern wars, the military Remote Sensing satellite is commonly referred to as a spy satellite, as well as the artificial earth satellite for target reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking from orbit to detect the ground via using photoelectric sensor, wireless receiver, or radar for intelligence.

The RS satellite impressed the world in the Gulf War and Kosovo War, whose significance in modern warfare was further demonstrated. Numerous nations have been attracted by its military value and thus successively stepped up with the military and space technology and systems, while military RS satellites are still the priority to be considered.


Value of Commercial RS Satellites for Military

Commercial RS satellites are commonly the earth observation satellites, most of which are placed into low-earth orbit for a higher spatial resolution but a smaller coverage. And micro satellites tend to be networked for low-earth orbit satellite constellation for a higher temporal resolution.

They complement military satellites at crunch time for a real-time monitoring of enemy forces and equipment mobilization.

Commercial satellite network is enabled to monitor the troop’s deployment at large during a warfare. Military satellites with higher resolution will be employed in the fortress areas to enhance the utilization rate of resources and to alleviate the pressure of military satellites, fostering an accurate judgment of the war situation and more effective tactics.


Core Strengths of Commercial RS Satellite

Commercial RS satellites of high-viewpoint, wide-range and rapidness is a quick access to the intelligence despite the restrictions from national borders or geographical conditions, which is significant in national politics, military affairs, economy and diplomacy.

1.Excellent image quality fosters execution abilities and assures decisions of tasks.

2.Up to 72m resolution provides more intelligence and the vital insights.

3.Ability and agility to collect data twice per day leads to the maximum efficiency and situation awareness.

4.Satellites can be deployed for repeated shooting and frequent visit to the target area within short period for more ground truth.

5.120-second 4K HD gaze video is able to easily capture the dynamic targets and intelligence.


The high-tech warfare had proved the promising future of satellite RS data, whose broad and further military application has been brought up to a new level, such as military mapping and monitoring. For example, more self-developed satellites developed by different countries, the massive improvements in satellites’ performance, advanced imaging quality and processing technology, and the extensive applications in various fields.





The standard luminous (nighttime) images are standard sub-meter products collected by Jilin-1 constellation, corrected and calibrated by radiation and sensors. RPC models and metadata files are available in the general tiff format.
A standard video imagery is a standard video acquired by Jilin-1 constellation, which has a resolution less than 0.9m after being processed through image stabilizing and framing. Products in both avi and mov data formats are provided.
The standard optical static image is a standard sub-meter product collected by Jilin-1 constellation, which is corrected and calibrated by radiation and sensors. RPC models and metadata files are available in the general tiff format.

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