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Satellite Component—Digital Sun Sensor

A sun sensor is a cost-efficient dual-axis instrument for precise sun pointing & tracking and attitude measuring. It detects the incidence angle of solar rays on two orthogonal axes and features a low mass and size.

Satellite Component—NanoSat Sensor

Satellite sensor is a high-precision attitude measurer which has been extensively applied to satellite, missile, ship building industries. NST-1 sensor has a low mass, size and power consumption,

Satellite Component—Flywheel

The flywheel is essential in controlling the satellite’s flying attitude under the steady state. Its control system guarantees the reliability and lifecycle of satellites in orbit.

Satellite Component—Magnetometer

A magnetometer is one of the satellite’s attitude sensors adapted to measure the geomagnetic field of its orbit. Its calculated magnetic field intensity will be sent back to the attitude control system.

Satellite Component—Magnetic Torquer

  The magnetic torquer creates a magnetic moment to control the satellite attitude by interfacing with the magnetic field of the earth. The product designed interiorly with soft magnetic materials.