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Commercial remote sensing satellites offer more options for military operations

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According to the BBC news, Israeli jets have struck Palestinian militant positions in the Gaza Strip on July 14 after rockets and mortars were fired into Israel, the Israeli military says. Twenty-five targets linked to the Hamas movement were hit overnight in response to a barrage of about 45 projectiles. Two Hamas security personnel are reported to have been lightly injured.

Since 1948, there have been five large-scale wars in the Middle East, after which people in the region have had no peaceful days. The hot spot of the conflicts in the Middle East is the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, a confrontation between Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Palestinian territories. At the end of the 19th century, under the influence of the “Zionist Movement”, a large number of Jews moved into the Palestinian areas where their ancestors established the Hebrew kingdom in the 11th century BC, and then they have had constant bloody clashes with the local Arabs. After the Second World War, with the support of the United States and the Soviet Union, the United Nations General Assembly passed the resolution of the partition in 1947 and decided to establish Israel (the Jewish country) and Palestine (the Arab country) in the Palestinian region. However, after Israel was founded in 1948, it was excluded by the Arab countries (including Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt) because of its occupation of Arab land. The two sides had five large-scale wars with each other in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and 1982. Because of the defeat of the Arab countries, Israel occupied the West Bank of the Jordan River, Jerusalem, and some areas of Egypt, Syria and other countries in the Middle East war, and built settlements in places with abundant water and fertile soil. More than 1 million Arabs in the Palestinian territories have been driven out of their homes for generations to become refugees. In order to rebel against Israel, the Palestine Liberation Organization was established at the first Palestinian National Committee meeting in Jerusalem in May 1964. In December 1987, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Islamic Resistance Movement, referred to as “Hamas” was established. Since then, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has escalated.

According to IDF (Israel Defense Forces), the military action on July 14 was a counterattack against Hamas’s recent shelling of the Israeli border and inflicting on Jewish immigrant settlements.

Palestinians began launching kites and balloons carrying containers of burning fuel and explosive devices during mass protests at which Gaza health officials say more than 120 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since 30 March. The demonstrations have seen thousands of Palestinians gather on the border in support of the declared right of Palestinian refugees to return to their ancestral homes in what is now Israel.

The IDF said it had struck facilities used by Hamas, which dominates Gaza, including a battalion headquarters in Beit Lahia, a training camp located in a high-rise building in the al-Shati refugee camp in northern Gaza, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers. Israel has carried out its biggest attack against Hamas militant targets in Gaza since the war in 2014, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says.

IDF posted two aerial videos on Twitter which were about IDF fighter jets struck dozens of Hamas military targets in Gaza. We can see from the photos that there are constant conflicts in the Palestinian areas, and Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews are always in war.

Why is Israel able to strike the Hamas military targets in Gaza so accurately? The meritorious statesman said it can be the remote sensing satellite. The Israeli military on Thursday released satellite images and details of more than 65 targets it struck in Gaza in response to massive mortar and rocket attacks by terror groups from the coastal enclave on Tuesday and Wednesday . The following are some satellite images of the Hamas military positions announced by the Israeli military.

This image taken by satellite shows Hamas positions in KHAN YUNIS.

This satellite image shows a suspected Hamas naval force base in the Gaza Strip, which was targeted in an Israeli airstrike on May 29, 2018. [Image Credit: Israel Defense Forces]

From the above two high-precision satellite images, we can clearly see the location, scale and surrounding environment of Hamas military targets. It can be said that Israel’s air strike operationswere based on high-precision satellite images. The importance of remote sensing satellites in military operations is self-evident.

Remote sensing satellites are employed respectively in military and civilian applications. The military Remote Sensing (RS) satellite, a “commanding height” of the modern wars, is commonly referred to as a spy satellite, and also an artificial earth satellite for target reconnaissance, surveillance and tracking from orbit via devices of photoelectric sensor, wireless receiver or radar to search the ground, sea, and the airborne target for intelligence. Compared with other surveillance methods such as unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, surface ships, and radar on land, military satellites have relatively large surveillance scope and are not easily destroyed by enemy entities.

The RS satellite impressed the world in the Gulf War and Kosovo War, whose significance in modern warfare was further demonstrated. Numerous nations have been attracted by its military value and thus successively stepped up with the military and space technology and systems, while military RS satellites are still the priority to be considered.

However, modern military remote sensing satellites are easily restricted by special circumstances. For example, the coverage of military satellites is not large enough to form a large-scale satellite network for all-weather, all-time, and all-round real-time monitoring on the ground. Moreover, the signal is easily interfered by the enemy’s anti-reconnaissance system, and it is vulnerable to enemy virus attacks. In order to ensure the success of military operations, we need to turn to commercial satellites to assist military satellites.

Commercial RS satellites are commonly the earth observation satellites, most of which are placed into low-earth orbit for a higher spatial resolution but a smaller coverage. And micro satellites tend to be networked for low-earth orbit satellite constellation for a higher temporal resolution. They complement military satellites at crunch time for a real-time monitoring of enemy forces and equipment mobilization. Commercial satellite network is enabled to monitor the troop’s deployment at large during a warfare. Military satellites with higher resolution will be employed in the fortress areas to enhance the utilization rate of resources and to alleviate the pressure of military satellites, fostering an accurate judgment of the war situation and more effective tactics.

So what are the requirements for using commercial remote sensing satellites to assist military satellites?
1. Commercial remote sensing satellites should have excellent image quality;
2. Commercial remote sensing satellites require a shorter revisit cycle, strong data collection capabilities and world-leading mobility;
3. Commercial remote sensing satellites must have the ability to record high-definition video for a long time.

In the field of commercial remote sensing satellites, there are only a handful of satellite companies that can meet the above conditions. Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd., as a leader in the field of satellites, has a strong ability to serve the defense and assist military operations. The core strengths and characteristics of its products fully meet the requirements of commercial remote sensing satellites in the military field. Its core product is the Jilin-1 constellation successfully launched on October 7, 2015, with 10 in-orbit satellites up till now.

The core advantages of the Jilin-1 constellation are as follows.

 It has excellent image quality which fosters execution abilities and assures decisions of tasks.

 Revisit the same spot on earth twice per day. Ability and agility to collect data twice per day leads to the maximum efficiency and situation awareness.

 Spatial panchromatic resolution up to 0.5m. Its resolution is up to 72cm which can provide more intelligence and the vital insights.

 Since the number of Jilin-1 constellation has reached 10 satellites and the satellites are small in size, light in weight, strong in stability and capable of rapid maneuverability. Its satellites can be deployed for repeated shooting and frequent visit to the target area within short period for more ground truth.

 Jilin-1 can shoot 120s 4K HD gaze color video with resolution better than which can be able to easily capture the dynamic targets and intelligence.

Changguang Satellite Technology’s products are advantageous sufficiently for military applications. When military satellites are restricted, it has the ability and strength to make up for military satellites and provide reliable and stable technical support for military operations.

The following figures are the practical applications of Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. in the military field.

This picture was taken by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. on April 16, 2016, using the Jilin-1 Optical A Star in the “Jilin-1” constellation to photograph a military shipyard. We can clearly see that there is an aircraft carrier, two cruisers and a destroyer in the shipyard. If we magnify the satellite image, we can even observe the weapons and equipment on these warships. [Photo courtesy of Chang Guang Satellite Technology]

These images are satellite images of a military airport taken by Chang Guang Satellite Technology. From the picture we can see the size, geographical location and surrounding environment of the airport. Zooming in on this satellite image, we can even clearly see the type and number of military aircraft parked in the airport. [Photo courtesy of Chang Guang Satellite Technology]

This image is an air base shot by Changguang Satellite Company. From the figure, we can see the terrain around the air base, the number and size of the runways. The satellite image can help the military have a detailed understanding of the air base, and we can even use Jilin-1 to locate the military base’s coordinates which is 18°18′25″N 42°48′33″E and monitor it in real time. [Photo courtesy of Chang Guang Satellite Technology]

These high-definition satellite images taken by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. are a strong manifestation of the strength of their products. With these satellite imagery, we can clearly monitor the layout and quantity of a military’s various arms, and also monitor its military deployment in real time to provide reliable data and information support for our military decisions and actions. The products of Changguang Satellite of high-viewpoint, wide-range and rapidness is a quick access to the intelligence despite the restrictions of national borders or geographical conditions, which is significant in national politics, military affairs, economy and diplomacy.

Changguang Satellite Technology’s products not only serve the Chinese market and government, but also strive to face the world. Changguang Satellite Technology has always regarded it as its mission to serve the 7 billion population on the earth with their “Space-Sky-Earth Ingetration” remote sensing information products & services. It is dedicated to building an all-round remote sensing satellite constellation system covering conventional satellite imagery, dynamic satellite video, multi-spectrum and radar. By virtue of reasonable networking, Changguang Satellite Technology is able to realize all-weather, all-time and all-spectrum data acquisition, to meet your commercial and market needs of various kinds.

At present, there is no large-scale war broke out in the world, but the friction between countries in some regions are continuing. Past high-tech warfares have proved that satellite RS imagery is offered with a promising future, and its broadness and depth of military application has been brought up to a new level. For example, more countries have developed the RS satellites of their own. Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to provide products and technical services to countries that have not yet developed their own remote sensing satellites while serving the Chinese market. Their products & services include satellite assembly and components, optical payload, satellite ground application system, satellite detecting equipment; satellite tracking, controlling and monitoring systems; remote sensing information and device maintenance services; technical consultation and services as well as other high-end customized products and services. If you need satellite products or satellite technology services, Changguang Satellite Technology will serve you with high quality products at a beautiful price.



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