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High Resolution Video Imaging Satellite

High-resolution video imaging satellite of Jilin-1 series is able to collect HD (4K) color video imagery of the target area with a resolution superior to 1m. It is equipped with a orbital maintenance system for orbit maneuver and maintenance as well as multiple imaging modes.Featuring abilities to gaze-observe a targeted area and acquire more dynamic data in the approach of filming than conventional satellites, it is highly actionable in observing mobile objects and carrying out analysis of their transient properties, peculiarly applicable for military, transportation and disaster relief purposes.

The main technical indicators

Technical specifications
Imaging patterns Gaze video imaging
Ground pixel resolution (sub satellite point is 535km above ground) <0.92m
Spectral band RGB:437nm~720nm(Bayer)
Ground frame dimension (sub satellite point is 646km above ground) 22km×4.5km
Attitude control mode Three-axis stabilization
Attitude maneuverability The maximum maneuvering angular velocity is 2°/s
Side-sway ability The maximum side-sway imaging angle is ±45°
Orbit maneuverability Orbit control ability in orbit maneuver and maintenance
External envelope dimension 1230mm×642mm×2104mm
Weight 230kg±5kg
Designed lifecycle 5 Years
Delivery cycle 12~16 Months

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