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Standard Luminous Imagery of Jilin-1

The standard luminous (nighttime) images are standard sub-meter products collected by Jilin-1 constellation, corrected and calibrated by radiation and sensors. RPC models and metadata files are available in the general tiff format.

  • Hong Kong,China

  • Nan chang City, China

  • Paris, France

  • Rome, Italy

  • changchunCity,china

  • hangzhou city,china

  • bangkok

  • Jerusalem


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Technical Specification


Items Specifications
Spatial Resolution Color: 0.9m
Dynamic Range 8 bit per pixel
Revisit Period 9 Days (±30°)
Programming Upload images and data transmission plan every day.
Swath Width 11 km×4.6km
Processing Level Automatic perpendicular shooting

Standard Luminous Imagery of Jilin-1 Constellation

China-Changguang Satellite Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading high-end manufacturing enterprise integrating satellite manufacturing, operation, and remote sensing information services. The Jilin-1 constellation developed and operated by the company was successfully launched on October 7, 2015.

  • Capable of revisiting the same location on earth twice a day
  • Panchromatic spatial resolution of 0.72m
  • Gaze color video as long as 120s

For a future perspective, we have a two-step plan:

By 2020, completing networking of 60 satellites and achieving a revisit cycle of 30 minutes to any location on earth;

By 2030, competing networking of 138 satellites and achieving a revisit cycle of 10 minutes to any location on earth.

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