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CG company successfully launched Jilin-1 GF03A satellite

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CG company successfully launched Jilin-1 GF03A satellite from the Yellow Sea on June 5, 2019, and has successfully entered into the scheduled orbit.

Jilin-1 GF03A satellite is a new generation of optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by CG company. Fully inheriting the mature stand-alone and technical foundation of Jilin-1 constellation, GF03A adopts innovative technologies such as lightweight structural design, highly integrated electronics system, high-resolution/ultra-lightweight/low-cost camera. Set in orbit of 572km height, it realized the technical indicators of the PAN resolution better than 1.1m, the width better than 18km, and the weight less than 40kg, which has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, low weight and high resolution. With its joining the previously launched 12 Jilin-1 satellites, they’re able to provide abundant remote sensing data and product services for the government, industry and users along the “Belt and Road”.

The launch was the sixth project of Jilin-1 satellite, and also the first launch at sea of China.

Up til now, Jilin-1 constellation has 13 satellites in orbit and all running well. With high temperal and spatial resolution, diverse data, rich patterns, Jilin-1 constellation can collect static and information of dynamic ground target through push-brooming, gaze video imaging, large ONA iamging, stereo imaging, low-light and inertial space imaging, providing various types of remote sensing information services to more than 10 countries, 20+ industries and 200+ corporations, which has created good social and economic benefits.