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CG Has Successfully Launched Jilin-1 GF02A Satellite

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At 11:40 am on November 13, 2019 (Beijing time), CG has successfully launched Jilin-1 GF02A Satellite into its preset orbit by Kuaizhou-1 A carrier rocket from JSLC, which was a complete success.

Jilin-1 GF02A is a new type of optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., LTD. The satellite fully inherits the mature technical basis of Jilin-1 satellites, it can obtain push-broom images of panchromatic resolution≤0.75m, multi-spectral resolution≤3m, and swath width>40km, characterized as high resolution, wide width, high positioning accuracy, and high-speed data transmission. This launch has activated deployment of the sixth orbit plane of Jilin-1 Constellation, and its joining has enabled the 14 in-orbit satellites to realize at most 6 revisits over the same location per day, providing richer RS data and product services for users in agriculture, forestry, resources, environment, and other industries.


This has been the 7th launch of Jilin-1 Constellation, and the 4th launch of Kuaizhou-1 A carrier rocket.

  1. Advanced comprehensive technical indicators

Jilin-1 GF02A employs long-focal-length optical dual-camera co-reference adjustment, combined with dual-frequency GNSS orbit determination and high-accuracy dual-satellite sensitive attitude determination technology to achieve an optimized combination of high resolution, wide width, and high positioning accuracy without GCP. It can achieve a 20m resolution at projection point, 40km swath width, and positioning accuracy of less than 20m without GCPs.

  1. High-speed data transmission

Jilin-1 GF 02A Satellite can collect 5-band sub-meter image over approximately 300km2 per second. By adopting dual-channel phased array data transmission

technology, the maximal data transmission capacity can reach to 1.8Gbps, significantly enhancing the timeliness of large-ONA RS data.