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CG Jilin-1 Spectrum 01& 02 Satellite Set Out On Expedition

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CG Satellite held the Jilin-1 Spectrum 01 and 02 Satellite departure ceremony in front of the Jixing building in the Aerospace Information Industry Park on January 3, 2019. Leaders, employee representatives of CG Satellite gathered together to witness this important moment. At 7:17 a.m., as the company’s chairman and general manager announced that “Set off firecrackers, the motorcade set out on expedition!” Jilin-1 Spectrum 01 and 02 Satellite set out for China Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center carrying the blessing of the entire company.

Jilin-1 is scheduled to be launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in late January 2019. When the satellite is put into orbit, it will set up a network with the 10 Jilin-1 satellites previously launched to provide remote sensing data, products and services for users in the industries of forestry, grassland, shipping, ocean, resources and environment.

Jilin-1, with its spatial and spectral resolution, will provide efficient and accurate application services in the fields of structure analysis on tree species, forest fire warning, pest identification and desertification prevention and control, which will help to greatly improve the remote sensing monitoring capability of forest areas in China.

Jilin-1, supported by Aerospace Supercomputing Center, can realize the rapid coverage and timely fine basic information obtaining of the super-large sea area. It will provide all-round remote sensing information support for marine ecological monitoring, marine resource exploration and ocean search and rescue, which will further promots the construction of marine remote sensing informatization level in China.