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CG Satellite Has Sent Out Jilin-1 GF02A Satellite

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On October 13, 2019, CG held the expedition ceremony for Jilin-1 GF02A Satellite at the aerospace information industry park. The leaders, staff delegates from CG and reporters from Jilin TV gathered in front of Jixing Building to send off the new member of Jilin-1 constellation. At 07:17a.m.,with everyone’s wish, Jilin-1 GF02A set off its journey for Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

“Jilin-1 GF02A Satellite has fully inherited the mature technical foundation of Jilin-1 constellation, and adopted the design of “spaceborne integration”, carrying dual coaxial folding optical cameras, featured as high resolution, large width, high-speed data transmission, etc.”, the vice chief designer of GF02A satellite, Jia Xuezhi mentioned in the interview.

Jilin-1 GF02A is a new type of optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by Changguang Satellite Technology Co., LTD. Set in 535km sun-synchronous orbit, the satellite can obtain static push-broom images with panchromatic resolution≤0.75m, multi-spectral resolution≤3m, and swath width>40km. With its joining the constellation, the 14 in-orbit satellites are now able provide richer RS data and product services for users in agriculture, forestry, resources, environment, and other industries.