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CG Satellite Has Sent Out Jilin-1 GF02B Satellite

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Not more than one week after the successful launch of Jilin-1 GF02A, another Jlin-1 GF02 satellite was on its expenditure. On November 19, CG held the expedition ceremony for Jilin-1 GF02B Satellite at the space information industry park. The leaders and staff representatives gathered to send off the 15th member of Jilin-1 constellation. At 07:17 a.m, Jilin-1 GF02B Satellite was set off on time for Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center.

GF02B is a new type of optical RS satellite independently developed by CG Satellite, which has fully inherited the mature technical foundation of Jilin-1 constellation, and adopted the design of “spaceborne integration”, carrying dual coaxial folding optical cameras. With equivalent parameters as GF02A, it’s set in sun-synchronous orbit of 535km and is able to obtain static push-broom images with panchromatic resolution≤0.75m, multi-spectral resolution≤3m, and swath width>40km, featured as high resolution, large swath, and high-speed data transmission, etc.

The launch of GF02B would initiate the process of fast networking of Jilin-1 satellites, setting record of the shortest launching interval for CG company. After it’s orbiting, together with the other 14 Jilin-1 satellites, they will further improve the data service capability and provide users in agriculture, forestry, resources, environment and other industries with richer remote sensing data and product services.