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JiLin-1 KF01, the World’s First Sub-Meter Ultra-Large-Swath Optical Remote Sensing Satellite Was Successfully Launched

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At Beijing time of 10:53 on Jan. 15th, 2020, the JiLin-1 KF01 Satellite was successfully launched by CZ-2D at Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center and has entered into its preset orbit, which was a great success.

JiLin-1 KF01 Satellite is a new high-performance optical remote sensing satellite independently developed by CG Satellite, which fully inherits the mature single machine and technical foundation of Jilin-1 constellation. For the first time it has integrated the optical system of large aperture, large field-of-view, long focal off-axis & tri-tran, total weight of 1.25t. It’s enabled to collect push-broom PAN (<1m) and MS (<4m) image with swath width larger than 136km, which is a sub-meter optical remote sensing satellite with the largest swath in the world, featured as high resolution, ultra-large swath, high-speed storage and data transmission, etc. With its joining the in-orbit15 satellites, the coverage ability of the constellation will be significantly enhanced, capable of offering richer remote sensing data and product services for government and industrial users and bringing remote sensing services into mass market.

China Red Flag and CG Satellite developed an industrial technology alliance to realize resource exchange and co-creation, starting a new chapter in the automotive and satellite industries. Both parties will focus on satellite communications, satellite algorithm-enabled vehicles, remote sensing emergency response, special vehicles, unmanned driving, and new material loading tests in the automotive industry as technological development directions to jointly create the future.
Technology highlight
1. Sub-meter extra-large swath imaging
JiLin-1 KF01 satellite is innovatively designed with a large aperture and large field of view long-focal off-axis tri-trans optical system, with main reflector of 1.2m diameter, total weight of 1.25t. It’s been the first tonnage commercial satellite self-developed by China, with resolution of better than 1m and a width larger than 136km, which can acquire sub-meter image around 1,000km2 per second, and achieve daily coverage over 1 million sqkm, which so far has been sub-meter optical remote sensing with largest swath in China.

2. High-speed data storage and transmission
The satellite adopts large-capacity solid-state storage with installed capacity of 40Tbit, which can achieve 22.4Gbps high-speed data storage. In addition, the satellite-to-earth data transmission speed is able to reach 1.8Gbps, and can image and transmit in real-time, extremely enhancing service capability of the constellation.

3. Scaled application of domestic high-performance imaging chip
The focal plane of JiLin-1 KF01 uses 24 domestic TDI CCD imaging chips, each CCD has 6144 PAN pixels and 1536 pixels per spectral band (4 bands in total). It can realize data conversion of 15.8g per second, fully guaranteeing the data acquisition capability of the large-width camera.