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Key Laboratory of Satellite RS Application Technology of Jilin Province Was Unveiled

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On the afternoon of December 14, 2017, CGSTL held the opening ceremony of the “Key Laboratory of Satellite RS Application Technology in Jilin Province” at Jixing Building.

General manager expressed warm welcomes and appreciations to all guests for the ceremony, and extended gratefulness for supports from provincial governments and experts that facilitated the start of the laboratory, three years after the establishment. He promised to keep adhering to the commercialization of space RS via expanding satellite RS applications as well as continuing the basic research involvement.

The launching of laboratory has greatly triggered the development of commercial satellite RS applications in our province. We will earnestly comply with requirements of the scientific and technological innovation deployed in the 19th Party Congress, and combine basic research with applied technology research to dedicate to the economic and social development of Jilin while aiming at core technologies breakthrough, endeavoring to provide better services in extensive application fields.

After China’s first RS application laboratory launched in 1979, the RS applications have always left behind the development of RS technology, which created a new era for CGSTL. This laboratory will step up the application of RS technology of China and even the world into a higher level. We will give full play to our core strengths to create an application ecosystem centralized with CGSTL by the joining of national scientific research institutions and that of higher education, boosting the “One Belt and One Road” strategy of China.

The ceremony was launched by academician of Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research and vice director of Jilin provincial department of science and technology.

Photo of the award ceremony.

The ceremony was concluded by the work review of 2017 and the development planning report of 2018 from the laboratory overview, involvement of the top-level design of satellite RS system, progress of basic research on satellite RS applications, as well as that of service platform construction and development planning of laboratory out of the six aspects, with experts and leaders highly involved for considerable advices and suggestions.

The laboratory, acknowledged by the Science and Technology Department of Jilin Province, was regarded as the regional key laboratory for scientific and technological innovation and application, based on the capabilities of CGSTL in satellites developing and the acquisition of RS data sources, who was also the third key laboratory relying on the enterprise construction. Focusing on the independent satellite manufacturing technology and driven by satellite applications, we’ve been committed to promoting the development of domestic commercial satellite technology and applications.