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High Resolution Push-Broom Satellite

1.High resolution 0.75m or less panchromatic resolution and 3m or less multi-spectral resolution enable it to unveil clear ground truth and applicable for land investigation, agricultural and forestry resources survey, environmental surveillance, geographical mapping, disaster relief, etc. 2.Optimized spectral wavebands Full-wavebands(450nm~700nm)plus four standard multispectral bands: blue (450nm~510nm), green (510nm~580nm),red (630nm~690nm), red edge(705nm~745nm), and near-infrared wave bands(770nm~895nm).。 3.Extraordinary agility Rapid and accurate sub-satellite point imaging, conventional push-broom imaging, large angle side-sway imagingwith a maximum angle of±45°and maximum motor angular velocity 2 °/s, orbit control capacity to maneuver and maintain the orbits. 4.Wide-frame photography 20 km or above swath width of sub-satellite imaging with superior observation. 5.Customized production High-end customized products of long life, small size, light weight (170kg±5kg), and short delivery cycle (12 ~ 16 months) are available.

The main technical indicators

Technical specifications
Imaging patterns Conventional push-broom imaging & large-angle side-sway imaging
Ground pixel resolution (sub satellite point is 535km above ground) Panchromatic: <0.75m

Multi-spectral: <3m

Spectral band Panchromatic: 450nm~700nm

Blue: 450nm~510nm

Green: 510nm~580nm

Red: 630nm~690nm

Red edge: 705nm~745nm

Near-infrared: 770nm~895nm

Frame Swath-width

(sub satellite point is 535km above ground)

> 20km
Attitude control mode Three-axis stabilization
Attitude maneuverability The maximum maneuvering angular velocity is 2°/s
Side-sway ability The maximum side-sway imaging angle is ±45°
Orbital mobility Orbit control ability of orbit maneuver and maintenance
External envelope dimension 1116mm×554mm×1887mm
Weight 170kg±5kg
Designed lifecycle 5 Years
Delivery cycle 12~16 Months

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