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Spectral Video Camera

The Jilin-1 satellite-borne visible spectral video camera has a superiority in imaging capacity & quality and a minor mass & size and gives a full play to the overall efficiency of the optical payload. It is capable of in-orbit adjustment of focal length and integral series, and applicable in various spectral RS video satellites.

The main technical indicators

Part Number Model Resolution Spectral Bands Focal Length Weight
JG-V3200G JG-V1850G RGB: 437nm~720nm Panchromatic: < 0.7m
Multi-spectral: < 2.8m
3200mm 40kg±0.5kg
JG-V1850G JG-V1850G Panchromatic: < 2m RGB: 437nm~720nm 1850mm 5kg±0.2kg
JG-V1430G JG-V1430G Panchromatic: < 1.9m
Multi-spectral:< 7.6m
RGB: 437nm~720nm 1430mm 4.5kg±0.1kg

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