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The flywheel is essential in controlling the satellite’s flying attitude under the steady state. Its control system guarantees the reliability and lifecycle of satellites in orbit. With the adoption of an integrated design of flywheel body and control circuits, the product, minor in size and weight and supporting both speed and torque controlling modes, has already been applied to many of the in-orbit satellites of Jilin-1 series.

The main technical indicators

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications
Operating mode Counteraction

Rated output torque


(Rated velocity:6000rpm)

Rated angular momentum 2Nm·s(@6000rpm)
Rated speed 4800rpm
Speed control accuracy ±1rpm(speed ≥1000rpm)
Control pattern Speed control / Torque control
Output interface RS422/CAN
Supply voltage 28V
Power consumption under static state ≤3W
Power consumption under steady state ≤10W(@6000rpm)
Peak power consumption ≤70W
Environment suitability Temperature: -10℃~+45℃
External envelope dimension 160mm×160mm×120mm
Weight 3kg±0.5kg
Designed lifecycle 5 Years
Homologous products 1Nms/2Nms/5Nms
Delivery cycle 6-10 Months

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