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Focal Plane Assembly

A focal plane assembly has the mission of actuating CMOS or CCD sensors to collect digital imagery by transforming optical signals into electrical ones. Its roles are as follows: Power supply and actuation of sensors: providing different power and driving signals that is produced by FPGA sensors, as demanded by sensors.Digital signal processing & digital images outputCommunication control: receiving the control command from PCU, configuring parameters and giving feedbacks of working status to the PCU controller.

The main technical indicators

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications
Imaging pattern TDI push-broom
Matching pattern Mechanical match
Sensor types CMOS
Pixel 15K Pixel
Spectral bands 6 bands
Chroma P、R、G、B、IR、R Edge
Pixel dimension 4.25μm×4.25μm
Dynamic Range 11 bit per pixel
Storage capacity N/A
Compress mode N/A
Image output interface Cameralink FULL,dominant frequency 81.25MHz
Communication interface RS422, baud rate 115200
Programmatic interface JTAG
Supply voltage 5.2V
Power consumption ≤20W
External envelope dimension (133.3±0.2)mm ×(142±0.2)mm ×(54.4±0.2)mm
Weight 1.016±0.2kg
Designed lifecycle 7 Years
Delivery cycle 4~8 Months

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