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Image Processing System

Imaging Processing Unit(PSU) is a component in charge of its satellite matrix’s RS image storage, processing, compressing, data framing & encrypting, and interacting with PCU telemetering data via the CAN bus. Raw image data can be transmitted directly to the data transmission system or replayed at users’demand. It features a long lifecycle of product, stable operation, a minor size and weight and excellent performance.

The main technical indicators

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications
Storage type FLASH solid-state memory
Storage capacity 16Tbit
Input interface TLK2711
Output interface TLK2711
Communication control CAN
Compress mode JPEG2000
Data encryption Applied
Focusing function JTAG
Programming interface 28±5V
Supply voltage ≤260W
Power consumption 362mm×220mm×220mm
External envelope dimension ≤14kg
Weight 7 Years
Designed lifecycle 8-12 Months

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