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Magnetic Torquer

The magnetic torquer creates a magnetic moment to control the satellite attitude by interfacing with the magnetic field of the earth. The product designed interiorly with soft magnetic materials and enameled copper wires of a high reliability and exteriorly carbon fibers of high rigidity, has already been applied and verified to many of the in-orbit satellites of Jilin-1 series.

The main technical indicators

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications
Rated output magnetic moment 15Am²
Remnant magnetic moment ≤0.1Am²
Resistance value 24Ω
Time constant ≤80ms
Nonlinear deviation <2%
Supply voltage 12V
Power consumption ≤3W
Environment suitability Temperature: -10℃~+45℃
External envelope dimension 280mm×56mm×53.5mm
Weight 0.67kg±0.03kg
Designed lifecycle 15 Years
Homologous products 5Am²/10Am²/15Am²/20Am²/30Am²/100Am²
Delivery cycle 3 Months

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