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A magnetometer is one of the satellite’s attitude sensors adapted to measure the geomagnetic field of its orbit. Its calculated magnetic field intensity will be sent back to the attitude control system as an assistance to the attitude control. Adopted with magnetic-resistant sensitive devices and a periodic self-correcting strategy, the magnetometer products engineered by Chang Guang Satellite Technology is superior in terms of measuring accuracy, sensitivity, minor size and weight as well as reliability; It allows communication rate & mode setting based on user's needs for system compatibility. The product has already been applied and verified to many of the in-orbit satellites of Jilin-1 series.

The main technical indicators

Technical Specifications
Items Specifications
Operating mode Responding and auto uploading
Measuring range -2 Gauss~+2Gauss
Resolution ≤ 70μGauss
Precision(25℃) 0.8%~1%(@±1Gauss)
Data updating rate 10Hz
Output interface RS422
Supply voltage +12V
Working current 45mA~80mA
Power consumption ≤1W
Environmental suitability Temperature:-10℃~+45℃
External envelop dimension Φ98mm×80mm
Weight 0.4kg±0.03kg
Designed lifecycle 5 Years
Delivery cycle 3~5 Months

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